10th GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar – How AI is Eating the World?

“Today, AI is eating the World”. With the development of AI, we are witnessing a series of fundamental changes ranging from driverless vehicles to image processing; from natural language processing, to optimization problems; from robotic systems to “drones”; or from speech recognition technologies and virtual assistants to process automation. AI will penetrate more into our lives in the post-Corona period. In this seminar, recent developments in AI as well as the increasing impact of AI on our lives and some best practices and applications from different sectors will be delivered.

Speaker: Ergi Şener, Co-Founder and CEO of Payneer

Title: How AI is eating the world?

GLODEM proudly presents the fourth seminar of its AI & CSS Seminar Series, Spring 2021 with Ergi Şener’s talk on 30 April (Friday).