GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series – Into the Thick of It

Emerging and Disruptive Technologies (EDTs) are reshaping military institutions and challenging traditional understandings of these actors’ tools, environment, and mission. This article explores how the proliferation of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies is set to drive a new generation of strategic partnerships, focused on the technology’s military application. These partnerships may have significant implications for AI’s future military use, as well as for geopolitics. To investigate this trend, this article explores the concept of a strategic technology partnership, discussing the uses, practices, and distinct operational requirements involved in military AI strategic partnerships. It then examines four recent cases: (1) the US-led AI Partnership for Defense (PfD); (2) the newly established AUKUS partnership; (3) robust and growing China-Russia cooperation on military AI; and (4) the surprising dearth of transatlantic military AI cooperation. The article discusses the implications of these partnerships for broader AI governance stakeholders, standing military alliances like NATO, and for the development of AI itself.

GLODEM & International Relations Department are pleased to announce Dr. Matthijs Maas & Dr. Lena Trabucco’s talk. GLODEM AI & CSS Seminar Series brings together practitioners working on AI usage in various fields and scholars specializing in computational social sciences. The seminar series is moderated by MA-CSSL, which is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at Koç University, established with the purpose of conducting cutting-edge research on the applications of computational methods to social science questions.

Speakers: Dr. Matthijs Maas, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Centre for the Study of Existential Risk, University of Cambridge Dr. Lena Trabucco, Postdoctoral Researcher, Centre for Military Studies, Copenhagen University

Moderator: Merih Angin, Koç University